Four Impressions - for solo viola

Viola - Zoe Matthews, London Sonfonietta
Choreography by Adela Rajnović and Sang Hoon Lee
Produced by Sabrina Chan TC
Cinematography by Sabrina Chan TC
Editing by Adela Rajnović

From Trumpet

Hallé Orchestra - Conductor: Nicholas Collon

On From Four

Psappa - Conductor: Nicholas Kok

Hornet II

London Sinfonietta - Clarinet: Mark Van de Wiel - Conductor: Geoffrey Paterson

Instrumental Works

From Trumpet
Orchestra (2009)
13' - fp: Susanna Mälkki, BBC Symphony orchestra, BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall

Hornet II
Clarinet and Ensemble (2004) 8' - fp: Mark van de Wiel, London Sinfonietta, Christopher Austin

Violin Concerto
Violin and Chamber Orchestra (2004) 16' - fp: Clio Gould, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen, QEH, London

On From Four (2011) 14' - fp: Psappha, Nicholas Kok, Hatfield House

Three Pieces for Saxophone Quartet
(2006) 10' - fp: clair-obscur, Konzerthaus, Berlin

Dance Merrily Through the Park
Saxophone Quartet (2000) 7' - fp: clair-obscur, BKA, Berlin

Four Impressions
Viola (2016) 8' - fp: London Sinfonietta, Zoe Matthews, London

Three Cello Studies
Cello (2015) 6' - fp: Gabriella Swallow, Malta

Flute (2012) 11' - fp: Eric Lamb

Alto Saxophone and Piano (2010) 6' - fp: Jan Schulte-Bunert, Laubach

Tenor Saxophone (2007) 8' - fp: Christoph Enzel, BKA, Berlin

Accordion (2007) 6' - fp: Milos Milivojevic, Deal Festival

Trying to see more
Soprano Saxophone and Piano (2004) 5' - fp: John Barker, Timothy Sidford, Purcell room, London

Five Night Pieces
Piano (2001) 10' fp: Sarah Nicolls, Cheltenham
Bb Clarinet (2001) 5' - fp: Andrew Mason, Purcell room